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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The McMichael Canadian Art Collection

Flyer For the Art Sale, Laura's Picture Upper R.
The McMichael Canadian Art Collection

If you remember my blogs, a few weeks ago we went to see Laura Culic’s  Art Studio in Maynooth, ON? Well, Laura and other juried artists were exhibiting at an ‘Autumn Art Sale’ and a small portion of the sales from this event went to support the McMichael Art Gallery in Kleinburg, ON.

The McMichael is a fantastic Museum or better called a Gallery. It is the best place to see the Group of Seven  paintings; Canada’s most famous artists who lived and created their landscape art deep in the woods and on rocky shorelines bouncing off each other in their creativity.
Part of the Grand Entrance Hall With Indigenous Totem Pole

Our evening visit to the McMichael Gallery was just a peek at what this place has to offer. No photo’s allowed in the main part of the Gallery where the Group of Seven and other art were displayed, was a policy I had to abide by, unfortunately. But the exhibition was held in the Grand Entrance Hall and if the artists didn’t mind, we could take a few pictures.

With Laura and Some of Her Art
Since I got permission from Laura, here are some of her pictures and while I was at it… I took some others that are not of the art themselves, but of the people who attended.

Laura's Art
More of Laura's Art
We were told hors de oeuvres were being served and they were, but in such small dribs and drabs that I was glad I ate before I came here. 

The parking lot was full; we had to park way out at the end of the parking lot, so the gallery had a good attendance. 

The other artists who exhibited were very talented folks, not just in paintings but also in sculpture, needle point, etc. Really too bad I cannot show their talent here.

Algonquin (?) Painted Paddles
But maybe if you get a chance you could visit the McMichael Gallery?

If it’s too late for you to see this exhibition, click on the webpage above and then click on any of the artists in attendance to see their art.  Fantastic Stuff!

It will be worthwhile; it’s a great place to spend a morning or an afternoon.
I like this place!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Alien World

Alien World

Toronto has some odd exhibitions; they even have a huge Museum dedicated to just shoes.  But this is not about shoes. It’s about an alien world, a kind of underworld we visited.   
Toronto is a very active, artsy place with a very liberal, avant-garde point of view.

The city promotes ideas that are ‘far out’ to most folks.
Display of Arctic Footwear
So here is our story:

An email arrived in Carol’s mailbox advising her that there is going to be a night time event of a laser show. The location for this display was under the Gardiner Expressway Bridges, the address not existing on our GPS. Naturally, we went to see it. 
Not Quite Dark  Yet

Starting time was 7 PM on this Oct. 14 and we were on time; well we were a tad early but only because we found a parking spot by entering through the exit, instead of the entrance at the old Fort York parking lot. 

Carol thought it would be good to take some foldable chairs, which turned out to be ill advised, since those chairs only became ballast for me.

We had no clue as to where exactly the event would be; we followed other people who parked where we parked. At this time of day in Oct. the darkness creeps in very fast. It took no time and we were walking even more carefully, trying to avoid the many modern traps the city puts up, like potholes, curbs and barriers. We took the long way around because we had no idea it was this close to where we had parked. 
You Are Supposed to Feel Like You Are Underwater Looking Up

When we arrived under the Bridges many people were already looking up. A few people were standing on an elevated walkway but I could not find the entrance to that so we joined the majority of the crowd and gawked, seeing nothing for the moment. It was really dark by now; many people milling about yet nobody knew what to look for. We asked 2 young ‘guides?’ and one told us, in a very heavy British accent, to mind our steps. All of sudden someone yelled out loudly… 7,6,5,4,3,2 and….

The world around us changed. It got even darker; it was hard to discern the people next to you. Most people wore black clothing which added to the effect. 
Undulating Lights Look Like Waves From Underneath
Above us a haze appeared, created by fog machines that were intermittently distributed along the whole area under the Bridges. The dense ‘clouds’ thus created rose, drifted and mingled with the wind that blew around us, coming off Lake Ontario. The world above us turned blue and the whole had an ethereal quality to it. ‘Clouds’ or were they waves; started floating just above our heads. 

The crowd started snapping pictures with everything they could find in their pockets. Some had the foresight to bring a camera, like Carol did, but I, like many, was relegated to my iPhone. I never thought I would need a night time mode so I got what I got when I snapped away. 
Fog Machines and Moving Laser Lights Create This Effect

Strong laser light shone from one end to the other, kept in a certain motion one could see creeping up the pillars or support beams of the Bridge(s). Our world as we knew it just minutes ago, was changed to an Alien World never seen before. We did not have a clear outlook any longer, everything turned fuzzy, unclear, distorted. Only in the far distance were the remains of what we knew, of what our lives were like before we got here. Looking up, the whole of it was now a new ceiling. Our upward vision was undulating, ever changing. Nothing was visible beyond our immediate blue horizon. 

 A man, the only man I hope, had blue balls. He played with them. Swirled them around and around, looking sideways to see if someone took notice of him.
                                      Silly Man - Playing With His Blue Balls       

People behaved differently below the blue. Voices became subdued. Visions blurred. Shadows were more expressive. 

Yet, as a mass, people walked about, without guidance they moved from one end to the other, constantly looking up. 
                  Video Gives a Better Idea of the Movement of the Fog and Lights

The British girl was correct; it was time to mind our steps. 

We carefully approached the end, the world beyond the blue lights and, even though it seemed complicated to get there, we stepped out of the Alien surroundings back to our reality. This time we did not get lost, we knew where we had to go. We went home!
Yet, we saw many more people who were drawn towards the blue yonder; many already changing their behaviour and not talking before they even got there.
                                   Does It Feel Like You Are Underwater?

Waterlicht, created by the Dutch District Water Board is a travelling exhibition. Shows have been given in Amsterdam, London and Paris. The show illustrates the universal power and poetry of water. The larger than life cascading waves of blue light simulate a virtual flood to call attention to the rising water levels along Toronto’s shoreline.

The message this art exhibition gives is not a happy one, it gives food for thought.
Daan Roosegaarde, the artist, leaves you with an unusual point of view. It was Public Art at its finest.

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Gatineau Ride - 4b Mosaic Culture – More Pictures

4b Mosaic Culture – More Pictures

The Incredible and HUGE Bird Tree
Some of the Smaller Birds

Top of the Tree

Close Up

The Joyful Celebration of the Nine Lions

The Dance Dates Back 1000 Years

The Dance Expresses Wishes for Happiness and Peace

More Lions

Mother Earth From Another Perspective

A Close Up of Her Lips

Can You See the Wire Frame in This Moose's Antlers

Wire Frame In the Antler

Close Up of the Bald Eagle Sitting on Mother Earth's Hand

First Nations Raven Mask

First Nations Moon Mask

Algonquin Hunter Watched By a Turtle

First Nations Hoop Dancer
First Nations Dancer

Add caption

He Has Made All His Own Regalia

Including This Bead Work

Chinese Dancers

Chinese Dancers

Man At the Easel Is Creating a Poem Inspired By the Music That Is Being Played