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Friday, June 05, 2015

52. Motorcycles in Asia

52. Motorcycles in Asia

Sihanoukville, Cambodia
A Minute Later Her Groceries Were All
Over the Ground

Traffic Goes Both Ways at Once in Cambodia


Adults Usually Have Helmets
Children Rarely

At the Harbour in Cambodia

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Ho Chi Minh City
Bikes Are Usually Heavily Loaded
Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City
Only Time I Saw a Kid With
a Helmet

Da Nang, Vietnam, So Loaded

Da Nang, Vietnam

Da Nang, Vietnam


Da Nang, Vietnam


Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Da Nang, Vietnam

On a Cell Phone
Hanoi, Vietnam

There is Actually a Passenger Holding the Tree
Ha Long Bay, Vietnam


Squished - 4 on a Bike
Hanoi, Vietnam

The Balloon Man, and No
it Doesn't Matter Which
Direction You Go
Hanoi, Vietnam 

Another LOADED Machine

OK - Its a Picture of a Picture

Motorcycle Parking in Keelung, Taiwan

Windshields With Wipers
Keelung, Taiwan

This Would Work For Picking Up Pylons at the
Motorcycle Training Course

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

51. Faces of Asia

51. Faces of Asia
Thai Dancer from Bangkok

Children are so photogenic, most of these pictures are of them

These Beautiful Thai Dancers
Came Onboard Our Ship 
to Perform For Us

These Happy Kids in a Cambodian Fishing
Village Don't Know How Poor They Are

A Happy Fisherman in the
Same Cambodian Village

Cambodian Waitress Served
Us Home-made Ice-Cream

Cambodian Girls in the River in a
National Park

The Same River

She is Not Happy to be Doing Homework
Not Happy

Caught Him Drinking Out
of a Large Jug

These Lovely Ladies Greeted Us When We
Docked in Penang, Malaysia

Our Happy Guide Through
the Mekong Delta

How Can They Squat Like That?

A Hostess in an Art Shop
Da Nang, Vietnam

Sisters in Da Nang, Vietnam

They Sang and Danced and One Played a
Very Unusual Instrument Da Nang Vietnam

They Played Traditional
Instruments Da Nang

She Started Off Very Shy
Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
Now a Little Bolder
But Still Thinking About It

But Now I Want Some Attention

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Hans Gave Him Chocolate and He No Longer
Cared That He Bumped His Head

In a Small Village in
Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

 Her Produce is Carried in the Baskets
Suspended From a Long Pole She Carries
Across Her Shoulders - Hanoi, Vietnam

Street Cleaner in Hanoi

Yo Dude, Wha's Up? Hong Kong

Lighting Incense Sticks in
Hong Kong

The Balloon Lady
Hiroshima, Japan
Okinawa, Japan

In the Shop Where We Had Deep Fried
Maple Leaf Cake, Hiroshima, Japan

Seoul, Korea

At the Lama Temple, Beijing, China

Resting At the Lama Temple,

At the Lama Temple

In a Coffee Shop, Beijing

At the Summer Palace, Beijing
At the Summer Palace, Beijing

Our Guide at the Summer Palace

A Shy Guy at the
Summer Palace

At the Summer Palace


Wired at the Forbidden City
Our Waitress in Beijing Was as Tall as Hans

And When He Stood Up...!