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Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Adventure Motorcycle riding is what I like best. Of course it depends what the definition of an Adventure is. Riding in New York City is considered for some an Adventure. Some think nothing of riding through 8 inches of snow yet do not call it an Adventure at all.
So how do I define this word " Adventure."

How about riding with a feeling of uncertainty ?
If I am certain that all is well, that all will be well and that nothing really changes then that is NOT an adventure. If uncertainty is present it can come in many ways. Is my bike ok ? Will the weather hold out ? Do I have enough water ? Will I make it before night fall ? etc.
I depends on the location on this globe that water matters most. Or that rain will make it impossible to go on, or that the bike better make it to the next town or I'll be stranded miles from anywhere without 'ever' getting help.

How about being in a fool hearted situation ?
Facing a mad elephant in the bush ? A blocked road in the mountains, a sheer drop to one side and no place to turn around ? Without water in the desert ?

Adventure depends on the place, the time and the situation.

Do I look to get into above spots ? NO !
But knowing what to do, just in case, helps me feel alive and that is what I seek.
Getting to know strange people, strange places and strange customs WITHOUT getting into dire straights is for me an 'Adventure'

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edward said...

I'm looking forward to reading more tales of adventure!