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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Unit of Time

Unit of Time

One gets some crazy ideas when on the road. The brain does something unique and sometimes these ideas or thoughts get stuck in the brain and like a broken record play over and over. Some songs are like that, too or simple tunes that are stuck in my head and I hum the same melody over and over and can not get rid of it. I caught myself humming Bach’s cantatas over and over; the little Fugue over and over. Even to the point that I was annoyed at myself but could not stop it. Riding along the road there is was, in my head and I was humming it and it created a mixed feeling of road, weather, noise and thought. Was that me? Was I the music, the noise, the road, the song in my head?
I remember vividly the ride along the panhandle of Oklahoma. The road is very flat, devoid of any features. No tree, no hill, no focus but the road I rode on. I was going about 75 miles an hour, the wind in my face and the drone of the motor in my ears. The little fugue stuck in my mind, over and over. Then… like a brain flash and for a moment I did not know if I was riding or if the road was sliding under me. I was stuck in time. Yes, I could hear, see, smell but so what? Nothing changed. I was sitting on a droning beast going to? Nothing changed! It was the same landscape no matter the speed. Time was sliding by UNDER me. I was not there, or I was there but the world around me was passing by. It is hard to put into words, this feeling of being in one place but not being with reality the way I thought about it before that point. Like I said, this feeling did not last long; it was a mere minute maybe. I can look back and remember it but I can not recreate it. I tried a few times, when on a trip, to recreate this feeling but it never happened since. What does happen to my head is that since that moment I sometimes dream about time. Yes, Time!
I ask myself what time is. What is a unit of time?
I can not find the answer. In my head I put myself in situations like a dark cave without any light at all. How would I know what time it is?
If I lived in this cave without light and could see nothing and talk to nobody and just existed what would time mean to me? Would I measure time by the growth of my hair? What would the unit of time be?
Would I measure time in between meals? What meals? If nobody is around me and feeds me, how would I live? I imagine that I would not need anything like food, drink or that my body would not age or is in need of anything. I am just there! How would I measure time?
I can not see anything except that I exist. I KNOW I exist, so what time is it? What is a Unit of Time?
I hear people say, that time flies! They mean it flows like a rapid river and nobody can stop it. Is this true? Can Time not be stopped? I know about the ideas of Einstein that time can be slowed down, but can it be stopped? Can the river of time be dammed? Like wind that blows, can it be stopped? If it can be stopped, what will happen? Is there an ANTI time?
Those are things that pop into my head and just like the song that is stuck in my head when I ride, Time is stuck in my head when I sleep.
What is a unit of time?
I can tell myself not to think about it but… pops into my head when I least expected.
Just like the stuff that seems to be stuck in my head when I ride and the strange experiences I have when I sit on my bike Time is with me.

I know of people that create math problems for themselves when they ride their bike. They just HAVE to solve them!
I wish I could solve what a unit of time is. I am stuck, it’s in my head and I can not get rid of it. It follows me in my dreams.
So, if you KNOW the answer, just tell me, it will help me out.
What is a unit of time?

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