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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Off to Peru !

Well, what a nice guy, Wayne Lee turned out to be. After we spent 3 weeks exploring Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding area Wayne helped us load our bikes on the borrowed trailer for the next step on our schedule. This is not easy for Wayne, he lives about 2 hours away from here, yet he came in his truck just to help me load the 2 bikes. What a guy! Thank you, Wayne!
Loading a bike on a truck or trailer is always an adventure for me. I normally ride my bike to anyplace and only recently have I tried to get places via trailer, pulling the bike behind a car. I am not sure I like pulling a trailer although it is convenient. I miss the accomplishment of getting to a place via bike. A car seems a bit soft, too comfortable yet it is a good way to get your bike to a place you can ride. Canada right now is way below Zero and riding is not recommended. To trailer the bikes to warmer climates is a good alternative. And at least I can continue riding a bike rather than leaving it in the garage in Toronto, waiting for spring time.
I tried loading the trailer by myself but found this difficult, especially the bikes are packed tight like they are. The two bikes just about fit and we have only inches to spare on either side of the bike. I used 10 straps to hold 2 bikes in place. Did I overdue it? I believe better safe than sorry! I can drive the car now with the conviction that the bikes are loaded well and secured solidly. I use foam insulation, normally used for pipe insulation, as extra bumpers for areas that could chafe or rub. I tape all loose strap ends with duct tape so that nothing blows in the wind. I cover electric connecters for the GPS with electrical tape so that they are protected. I do what it takes to make the transport as safe as possible. Wayne was a great help. I could tell he has packed bikes for hauling before, he knew his stuff. Well, we are all set to go as you can see by the pictures. All loose ends are tied down, we are ready to go.
We are flying to Peru to see if it is possible for us to ride there in the future. Carol and I chose Peru because it would be the middle of a trip from the U.S. to Tierra del Fuego; let us see if we are not too old to ride those roads. This is a scouting mission and we will report on what I believe is a go or no go for a ride down to the Southern End of the world. We will keep all possibilities open; we are off to Peru!

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