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Thursday, January 26, 2012

La Cabrera

Famous for its Beef, Argentina does not only export it but eats it as well. In Palermo Soho, our part of town while we are here, are many Restaurants. So we have been asking folks: “Do you know a good place to have dinner?” Fodor’s has a list of good places, but so do people that have visited BA before us. Fodor’s top choice is the Grillado & Bar named La Cabrera, a place only 5 blocks away from where we live now.
Friends too told us about this place, so Carol and I made it a point to forgo all the other good looking places around us and specifically seek out La Cabrera.
We had already learned that people eat late in BA, it is not unusual to eat dinner at 10 PM and a dinner lasts usually for a couple of hours so that means ending the day with a full stomach and going to bed around midnight or later. Not good for older folks like us so we opted to be there at their 8:30 PM opening, especially since we did not have a reservation. This Restaurant is so good that reservations are recommended. Carol and I lucked out and a table was given to us on the outside, set up on the sidewalk as it is in Paris. The set up with a white table cloth, clean and sophisticated yet with a twist of rustic dining, added to the experience. The atmosphere was totally BA, Argentina. The weather was mild and the people around us were full of energy and excited spirits.
A young German guy and his partner took some pictures of us as we waited a few minutes before sitting down to dine. He told us he was working in Brazil and heard about La Cabrera so they flew in just to eat here. He was totally serious; the reputation of this Parrilla is worldwide.
So our expectations were high when the waiter gave us menus. A man of moderate means and one not to squander money on non essentials, I opted to just order the main course of ojo de bife and a salad. I was warned that the portions are large and that even a half a portion would be totally satisfying. I drank mineral water, yes with bubbles, with my meal and not the much offered wines. There is always room to order more if need be.
The service was good; our waiter spoke Spanish even though he knew we were from North America. He spoke English if we got stuck with words and answered in English if he felt we understood better but it was nice to be served in his language and not to be patronized as a tourist. I never felt rushed and once we ordered, after just sitting for a while drinking our waters, gawking at the passers bye, the meal came quickly and oh my, did it have eye appeal. The salad was served in a large bowl of pewter, brimming full of greens, tomatoes and onions, fresh and plentiful. Fine olive oil and balsamic vinegar accompanied the salad in appropriate bottles in a self-serve, make your own dressing kind of way.
The meat, sizzling, hot, simple but ever so tasty, on a wooden framed hot plate with a handle was grilled to perfection. Four small, mouthwatering side dishes in small containers were placed on a white napkin right on top of the wooden extension of the hot plate.
An assorted variety of unusual small delicacies served as vegetables, such as pumpkin puree with raisins, baked garlic cloves, egged eggplant, mixed couscous, marinated mushrooms, ground green olives, and even apple sauce. The servings were a display of creativity and simplicity yet sophistication. I have been in many places in my life that were impressive and La Cabrera, simple yet elegant can hold its own among them. I was duly impressed.
Yes, I recommend this place to anybody visiting BA. Please make reservations through the website I gave you above, it makes for a better table, for a better experience. The proprietors need to be commended on a job well done in the culinary arts.
And…… the best until last….. All of it tasted

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