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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Naked on a Truck

We took a taxi back when we got off the ferry from Colonia and were close to ‘home’ when a truck streaked past us with, what seemed like nude guys standing on the open truck bed, holding on to a roll bar.
Now, how fast can you pull your camera and take a picture?

It sure was a sight we have not seen before, so it must be recorded. Did I see nude guys on a Truck? Did I see them in broad daylight, on a very wide and busy street running through the middle of BA?
Then I saw the smallest cover, a men’s string bikini!

Our taxi driver seemed blasé about it all; he had to deliver us to Thames, so he hardly looked. For me however it was a first. I just wanted to share a new way of panhandling with you, because at a traffic light, the men jumped off their truck, ran to car windows and asked for money.

What a crazy way to make a living. Or is there more to it? What did I not see?
I could think of a few things those guys could do or offer that would pay more.
Enjoy the pictures!

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