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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Alvear Palace Hotel

The “good old days” before fast food chains, before mega malls, before e-mails or iphones will never come back. In the middle of Recoleta, in the posh district, next to the best of the best, stands the best hotel, too, the Alvear Palace Hotel.
Alvear Palace reminds me of the Plaza Hotel in NYC. The Hotel in BA is a left-over from the era of Argentina’s golden age. It has all the charm of an elegant place and it is still intact and open for business.
The service personnel wear uniforms. Bellhops look like bellhops. Doormen look like doormen. Waiters wear their liveries. Cooks, dressed all in white, don their hats. It is a wonderful place to visit.
We had lunch there, sumptuous, simply delicious. We shared a Club Sandwich, a chocolate dessert, bubbly water and a Corona. Not only was the food excellent but the ambiance was delightful.
We never felt rushed, service was impeccable. No, we did not eat in the dining room, it seemed too fancy. We ate in the bar along with some business men and other visitors. The place was not crowded.
Naturally, the clientele used iphones, the service personnel used computers and the lighting and general furnishings were very modern yet the décor was from a past long gone.

The Alvear Palace Hotel is a must visit when in BA. I suggest you have lunch there, take your time and enjoy the good old days. This is a perfect place to visit, to experience ‘how it was’ but also, if you have the money, to stay for a few weeks or days (US$495.00 per night).
We enjoyed this visit.

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