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Monday, February 06, 2012


I should be used to it by now but it irks me every time I come to a country or a city that does not have some ordinance or does not enforce it. I am talking about bad sidewalks and on top of that ‘landmines’. Ok, not landmines but ‘dog-mines’; brown droppings, some solid, some rather squishy. When you step into these droppings you get this stuff deep into your grooved shoe soles. The stink of this mess stays with you. Dogs just drop these mines, where ever the owner lets them crap. Those mines are hard to see at night, believe me.

In addition, BA has uneven, crooked, broken sidewalks.
Can you see me walking down the streets in BA?
I look like I am drunk! Hopping over lifted tiles, skipping over holes, avoiding mines….. Believe me, it is hard to not step into one!

Can I call them ‘holy sh…..ah, stepped in one?

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