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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hello Larry

You picked a nice spot on Earth for your final rest, Larry! I noticed you have new neighbors already, too. I came to VA not to lament, not to be your judge and certainly not to cry for you. I simply came to make sure it is true, to see with my eyes and to make certain that you had departed. I found that those moments of departure give the remaining living a glimpse of what is to come for all. For all of us the day of departure will come with certainty. For some of the living this is a scary moment. As you know we are being bombarded with information about how we will be after we depart. What the new arrival will be like. How we will fare on the other side, etc. So many opinions prevail that I choose to disregard them all. You, while here, chose to listen to one particular strand of belief. Habes Verum. You left rather suddenly Larry! But then, what is a perfect time? I came to offer my congratulations to you for a job well done while you were here. We will certainly remember you always. I hope that your dreams came true and that you found what you were looking for where ever you are now. No more worries for you, no more fear, no more uncertainty. You know the truth now. You might no longer care about our small, detailed existence and your departure certainly left some in disarray. Yes, our living and death is all part of the whole, I know it. Yet we cannot help being as we are here on Earth. We still struggle daily, still deal with our egos. Only when we close our own circle of existence, when we pass on too, do we truly know. I wish you all the best, Larry. Requiem in Pacem.

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