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Friday, April 03, 2015

17. Neptune and the Equator

Neptune and the Equator

This was the first time I actually crossed the Equator via water.

Naturally, I was attacked by sea monsters and demons that covered me in green slime and only after I kissed a fish did the relentless sliming stop. By that time though it was almost too late, I was covered in green. Neptune initiated me and granted me the use of the other half of his oceans. Instead of being a polliwog I am now a shellback. It comes in handy since I am also a member of the almost secretive Pirates of the ConchRepublic. No more can Neptune deny me access to his realm. I can now use all oceans, north or south of the Equatorial line. I paid my dues. Arrrrrrrrrgh !
Graduation to Shellback

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