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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Sighisoara, RO (Schäßburg)

Sighisoara, RO   (Schäßburg)

Pretty Dresses Of Old 

When you see the word Transylvania, do you think of Vlad, the Impaler?  He was born in Sighisoara, Romania and named VladȚepeș. Most people abroad might know him as, “DRACULA” (the Dragon). His father was in exile for awhile in this German Town and during that time, Vlad the Impaler saw the light of day.
Birth Room Of Dracula
Rotting Coffin In The Catacombs

Carol visited the actual room where Dracula was born. She said it was a very tacky presentation with red lights, and eerie music.
A Full Cemetery, Mostly German Folk
So Many Grave Markers, They Were
Used To Hold Up The Hill
Not Easy To Walk These Roads In Sandals

Come Have A Seat !

Breakfast Table, Unusual Foods

Breakfast Room In Basement
Up The Hill Towards The Church On The Hill
Slow Taxi 

Thick Walls, Narrow Gates 
Wonder What Dracula Ate While He Watched The Prisoners Being Tortured 
I was more enamored with the whole town at the time. Sighisoara is an old place. A location the Romans had settled already and who knows who came before them? Schäßburg, as it was known at the time of Dracula’s birth, and as I already reported, was another German bastion.

The town was walled, and erected against the threat of the Hordes from the East and later against the Ottoman Turks and Persians (Iran). Sighisoara is a gem. It’s old! Best way to describe it, it’s old. The pavements are old. The houses are old. The churches are old and even our hotel was old.
Our Hotel On The Left Of The Gates

 We had a room in a Hotel called ‘Pension am Schneiderturm(at the Tailor’s Tower) inside the walled city, right next to the entrance gate Oh, the town is fun. All this medieval stuff is honest, it’s real. Naturally, people of today try to make a business out of the look, but it is not overdone. We parked our bikes behind some gate, not far away from the Hotel. It was the best I could do; there is no parking in the streets at night, so parking must be off the streets. Good luck if you don’t have a way to find a parking lot.
Clock Tower

Stairs Inside The Clock Tower
View From The Clock Tower
Clock Tower View
We climbed the Clock tower (110 narrow, old, a bit dilapidated, steps). The view was great, the museum they had, however, not so interesting.

We climbed the hill to the Bergkirche ‘Church on the Hill’ (176 steps). Somehow I remember this old church (1345) with a catacomb (crypt), and real coffins visible behind glass partitions; eerie looking and spooky.

We walked I don’t know how many steps around the old Protestant cemetery where mostly German names are engraved on the tombstones.

We walked out of the town, down the hill for dinner and then back up again. I lost count of the steps.

Few Cars, Roads Are Too Weird For Cars 

You better be in good shape and have good shoes for walking in this town. The road surface is cobblestones, so your footing is wobbly.

But it is not the scary part of the town that entices; it’s the truly old walls, the winding walk ways, the layout and narrowness of the streets that give it an ambiance unique to Romania.
Main Entrance To Town
I liked this town. Yes, one day to explore it is enough, unless you are a Medieval Expert and need to research something special, one day is perfect.

Small things, like the breakfast in the basement of the Hotel added to the uniqueness of our experience. Sure I could look at the weirdness of it, but chose to see the fun in having a room that was just as big as a bed with just enough room to walk around the bed on 2 sides only. Small room indeed!

The Shadow Of Vlad Hangs Over The Town 
We were bushed by the end of the day from all the walking and slept great, no matter the size of the room. For one night it was OK.
Typical Sign Of Tradesman, Most People Could NOT Read
Yes, People Lived There

Sighisoara is the best preserved medieval town in all of Eastern Europe.

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