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Monday, May 08, 2017

At a Marble Factory, Run By the Jain

Huge Inlaid Marble Piece

While in Agra, we visited a marble factory, a place where they still practice the ancient art of marble inlay work. Today those inlaid marble items are tables, lamps, jewelry boxes, etc. Anything that can be made out of marble is available.

Small Marble Boxes

But it still takes hard work to carve the marble, cut the semi-precious stones, the mother of pearl and it still takes lots of patience and perseverance. Here are a few Pictures Carol took while I bought a small table.

One Worker is Cutting Designs in the Marble
Other Has Attached Small Stones to the Stick
to Grind Them Into the Right Shape

Designs Have Been Cut Into the Marble

These Are the Stones That Will Be Cut To Fit

Here Is A Finished Table Top

Amazing Work - Tiny Pieces Cut By Hand

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