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Sunday, May 07, 2017

More Pictures of the Red Fort

The Red Fort Looks Impenetrable

Even Close Up It Looks Like a Fortress

A 2nd Gate Inside the Previous Gate

Tile Work Around the Door

Inside the Red Fort

More Tile Work

Large, Open, Breezy and Cool Pavilion, Part of the Palace Complex

Decorated Pillars in the Pavilion

Inlaid Mother of Pearl Makes the Wall Glisten

Very Breezy on This Balcony

Another View of the Taj From a Nearby Balcony in the Palace

Highly Decorated Arches Everywhere

Beautiful Carvings

Tile Work On the Ceilings

Intricately Carved Door Corners

Building is Part of the Fort Not the Palace

More Intricate Carvings

They Must Have Been Highly Skilled Artisans

They Become More and More Elaborate

Incredibly Intricate Work

This Was the Shah's Bathtub - See the Steps Behind the Grill Work

Colourful Saris
A Family Portrait

Decorated Walls and Ceiling in an Alcove in the Palace

Alcove Decoration
Ceilings in the Palace

Inlaid Marble in the Palace

Dancing For Your Pleasure and Your Money

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