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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Pictures of People

 Pictures of People
Sellers Of Flowers For Prayer Offerings

Which One Is the Foreigner?

They Must Sell A Lot Of Flowers

Another Flower Seller

They Do Work Hard

Wonderful Old Faces, Everyone Seems Happy

He is Selling 'Tooth Brushes' those sticks Have Pointed Tips With a Sweet Substance on Them For Real !

People On/In The Ganges
Each Ghat (Set of Wide Steps) Has a Name But I Don't Remember Any

Bathing Is a Social Affair

Everyone Does Their Own Thing

Add caption

Wonder What Makes Some Ghats So Crowded

Even Boats Seem To Be Part Of the Ritual

So Many Ghats and All Are Busy

Why Not?


Morning Ablutions and Prayers

Such Colourful Saris

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