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Thursday, June 15, 2017

GREECE: Crete - Visitors in Crete

Narrow Roads, Incredible Scenery
We are close to the end of our time in Crete. And I must say we know very little about Crete and what it has to offer. Our experiences driving a car showed me a different approach to visiting here. Next time we come, we will not get an apartment but will live out of a car; hopping from one town, one attraction to another. There is no need for a hotel reservation if you are going off-season. Just show up, find a room and go with the flow. Well, that is our intention the next time we decide to visit. 

Driving is not that bad. Yes, be careful but being motorcycle riders prepares us for being more vigilant than normal car drivers. Spring time is a wonderful time to be here. Or is the late autumn better?  We will see. While we really enjoyed staying in Heraklion and exploring the streets, 
Stuff You Never Knew You Needed

Heraklion is a mega city. Heraklion is large and modern and full of energy and young people. There are so many stores, all wanting to sell, sell, and sell. Here is the modern curse of consumerism; a curse without finding a real solution and of too many people in one place. We know it well; the whole world is like this today. Lives today are difficult for many folks, but remember the age when most people died during Minoan times?  Now that must have been a lot tougher. 

We are leaving Crete in a few days; especially now that I have finished writing the India Blog and now that spring is about to arrive in Canada, too. There is just one more thing to report and that is the visit of the Copas world travelers. 
Good Friends

They are an amazing couple, good friends and it is always fun to meet them in faraway countries. Well, Jean and Ross, how did you like our place on 110 Therisou, Heraklion? I am glad you could use the Wi-Fi at the apartment when you visited. Both of you are doing really well staying fit. I guess peddling around the globe on a bicycle keeps the weight down. I would not know, but you sure looked great when you came to visit. Carol said thank you for the stuff you bought her. The dish towel, the coffee, the other stuff!  Thank you, Jean!
The day when you visited went too fast. Your ship leave was not long enough. 4 PM for boarding is too early. Next time tell your captain you need more time. We will explore some more of the side streets of the towns wherever we meet you next. 
We will see each other someplace in the world. Travel well, stay healthy.
To the rest of the readers, this is the end of my Crete Blog.  Thanks for reading. 

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