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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

More Pictures of the Sheik Zayed Mosque

Acceptable (on top) and Unacceptable (on the bottom) Clothing
For the Mosque

Main Entrance to the Complex

Because We Had to Go Through Security

Properly Covered, We Are In Line

First Glimpse Of This Beautiful Building

Second Glimpse and We Are Still Outside the Mosque

Entrance to the Mosque

Painted Tiles Near the Entrance

More Painted Tiles

Gold Topped Columns Along Each Corridor

Inlaid Marble Columns
Exquisite Inlaid Marble Columns

Columns Along Each Side of the Corridors

Open Sides of the Corridors Allow Air Cooled By the Water
to Cool the Corridors

Gold Leaf At the Top of Each Column

Hans Took Their Picture With Their Camera

About to Enter the Main Prayer Hall (note the chandelier)

Inlaid Marble Walls

Inlaid Marble Floors

Finally Inside the Prayer Hall
Largest Hand Knotted Carpet In the World

The Beige Colour Represents Sand, the Green Represents Paradise

Detail of Carpet Pattern

Intricate Design in Carpet

Mother of Pearl Inlay in Columns

Air Conditioning Unit At the Top Of These Columns

One of Three Chandeliers In the Main Prayer Hall
Made With Swarovski Crystal

Prayer Books

Swarovski Crystal

Exquisite Glass Work

Swarovski Crystal

Details Of the Swarovski Crystal

Goodbye To One of the Most Beautiful Buildings I Have Ever Seen

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