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Friday, December 17, 2004


For Dentist in Fargo, ND, call 701-237-4331

Sleep fails me. Cold drinks make me cringe. Hot food is a torture. Riding is not fun anymore.

I have a toothache! Throbbing toothache! I can feel the blood pulse thru my tooth!

Easy you say? Go see a dentist?
Friend, let me tell you my story!
Despite my regular brushing, seeing the dentist 8 weeks ago and getting an all clear I am now in the not so populated State of North Dakota. I did not know that the West has a shortage of Dentists but I found out. I walked into the offices of a dentist in Menahga, MN but found a no mercy receptionist. “ We are booked out for weeks and without an appointment we just can not help you” is what she said.
Next appointment was in 3 weeks.
On to the bike and next stop, I am sure they have a dentist, is Fargo, ND. Sure Fargo has a dentist. The first Dentist I found is booked for weeks in advance and no, they do not know of any other dentist that can help either. A friendly smile and I am out the door again. Pain is throbbing and I am getting desperate. What do I do?
Phone book will help, I thought. Well, with everybody having cell phones it is not easy finding phone books anymore. Even the Post Office did not have one. I asked the postal clerk if she knows of a dentist and by just looking at her I knew the answer. She had not seen a dentist in years and it showed in her smile. Back in the street I just talked to a passing woman and she pointed me to a dentist she knows.
How relieved I felt. What luck I have!
Finding the Street and the office was an adventure but I found it. Walked in and “ we are so sorry, but we are booked out. We can make an appointment for you and you can come back in about 2 weeks. Would you like an appointment?” The blood is throbbing in my tooth and I just smile. “ No thank you, madam!” I need a dentist NOW is all I can think of. What do I do? I never heard of going to the emergency room with a toothache but I thought about it. Just one more try before I seek out the next town. Back I march into the dentist office with a pleading face. I understand, madam, you cannot take me but I have a toothache, severe toothache. Can you refer me to anybody that could help? How can I get rid of the pain? Her face turns very indignant, I wear motorcycle cloths and the dirt from being 6 weeks on the road, and living in a tent must show itself. I just smile! She must think of me as ‘undesirable.” Or maybe even, God forbid, a rough rider? A hoodlum? But I keep on smiling and as luck has it; the dentist, who just walked in, interrupts the receptionist by saying: “There is a new Dr in town”.
The new Dr. just graduated from Dental School and is trying to establish himself in Fargo. For anybody going to Fargo, Nicholas C. Dorsher, DDS is a good dentist. Without much to do he had me in his office. Performed root canal work and even so I had to come back the next day, I was rid of the pain. Good thing is he takes Visa Card payments, too.
With all the planning and precautions one takes to go on a long trip, Emergencies happen.And even so there are plenty of folks around one needs to find one that can and is willing to help. I wish you all a good trip and don’t get a toothache on the road.

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edward said...

That must be the worst. I cringed in that scene in "Castaway" when Tom Hanks had to knock his own infected tooth out. Yikes!