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Monday, December 13, 2004

Going Postal

‘Everybody should take a walk to the Post Office’ is what I thought this Monday morning while delivering the books I sold on Amazon. The weather was cold and fresh and I was overdressed and I actually steamed a little walking the 4o minutes it takes to walk to town. I did not have my ears in which made it very peaceful and quiet. I actually like not being able to hear the high pitches the world creates. Yes, I can hear but not the high frequencies. Job related? Environmentally damaged? No matter, I believe it’s a God send.
Walking along the road, we have no sidewalks; I could not help but see the ‘modern’ society in full bloom.
Drivers are whooshing past me. The cars are passing way too close for comfort. Many drivers are on the phone. Some drink their coffee and eat breakfast while driving. No time! Putting on make up for the gals while driving? Yes, I’ve seen that this morning, too. No time to do this at home, right? I was glad it was a clear day and I wore an orange jacket. It is dangerous walking in rural, small town NJ. Walking along the roads in towns without sidewalks is worse then riding my motorcycle. I felt safer yesterday, while riding the same road; than I felt today while walking. Is walking along “non-side walked”
roads more dangerous then riding a motorcycle? Would the insurance company insure me if they found out I actually walked on the side of the road? All that is now part of life, the modern life. I believe it is typical American now. No time! Time is a precious commodity. Multitasking is in! Doing 3 things at once is expected! Cover your ass, literally!

What did irk me is the trash along the way. The health conscious throw the plastic water bottles out the window. Damn the person who has to pick it up. She gets paid, right? The not so conscious, the smokers, throw cigarette butts and packs to join the bottles. An assortment of coke cans, papers, straws, coffee cups, fast food containers and plastic shopping bags make up the not so pretty picture. Mind you, our town residents employ a lot of landscapers or gardeners, but even so these folks get paid to make the grounds beautiful, it looks like hell. The house owner has no time to even walk around his property. He hires people to care for the lawn, to clean up while he makes money to pay for it all. He has to hurry up and make those dates. He might miss something important.
He eats his breakfast in the car. She puts on her make up. No time! Throw out the stuff not needed. Just open the car window and hive it. No time! Walking? Are you kidding?
I need to go to the health spa to work off the holiday fat and I am overdue paying my dues. Let me go! Don’t talk to me! I am in a hurry! Need to make money. Watch out! What is this stupid guy doing walking along the side of the road? Would you believe that? He is actually walking to the post office. From far way, in pictures, or driving past it at whooshing speed all seems ok. I suggest everybody should take a walk to the post office, maybe then they would go Postal, too

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