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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Norway at the end of the Northern World

Watch out for Reindeer in Norway. They are all over the roads in the Northern part. Should you hit one, you will have to pay a huge fee to the owner. It's almost always your fault, they will say, even inside a tunnel.
Yes, yes and again yes, these animals are inside dark tunnels. Your headlighs might not catch them. Be careful inside the tunnels inside the Polar Circle. Remember.... I warned you !
Since Norway is very mountainous, on the level of Switzerland, if not more, it has lots of tunnels. Be very, very careful inside those tunnels. The tunnels contain reindeer. Yes, inside the tunnels are reindeer. The animals love the cool or cold air on hot days and walk through the tunnels too cool off or just lay down right on the road inside the tunnel. The tunnels are not very well lit, some are not lit at all, so it's dark inside. Be careful, very careful inside Norway's tunnels.
The roads in Norway are in great shape but can be very lonely. It's not always easy to find help when needed. I loved this peaceful wandering around Norway. It is very tranquil.
After a day of rain and cold rain to boot I took one of those huts. They are like garden sheds but they have bunk beds, a stove and are dry. I needed all of this to dry out and warm up. A tent is great but sometimes a hut us just fine, too. The cost is about $ 50 a night.

The law in Norway is that you can camp anyplace you want as long as it is about 500 feet away from any building. So you can camp on rest areas, playgrounds, woods, meadows, anyplace you want. People do it all the time and you will find lots of camping going on all along the roads. It's cheap and works great.
If you are hungry you can find dried fish like this all along the roads in the Northern part of Norway. The fish tastes wonderful, all natural and it will sure fill you. Of course, you have to like fish.

The Norwegians built this monument this far North with these coins marking the ?
I could never figure out what these coins mean. Maybe someone who reads this knows.
The lady and the child must be a woman waiting for her husband to return ?
I just don't know.
70 Degrees North plus 10 Minutes and 21 Seconds. No grass grows here, no bush. Just some lichen which are very low growing kind of mosses.

A very lonely spot way up North. I was the only tent around, even so some cars were parked near by. The sun really did not set. This is Midnight in August. The winds were fierce, I thought the wind would blow the tent away. I slept a little but with one eye open just in case. Did I mention it was cold, too?

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