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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The way I see Germany.

Now, how ordinary is this picture, a bike parked in front of a church. Well this is not just any church. It is a church in Wittenberg. Know what I mean ? Of course now you remember it, right ? The door ! This very door !!! Yes, you are correct this is Martin Luther's door, the one he nailed the theses on. This little door brought forth the reformation, the split in the Catholic Church. The town built this statue for Martin Luther. The town is not very touristy even so they are trying to call in tourists. A nice town with lots of history if you are interested in Church history.

A typical small village in the Masuren. I forgot if this is on the Polish side or on the German side.
Does it really matter any longer what we call each country? I am glad that we are on the way to be just earth people, rather than Europeans, Americans or Asians or whatever.
The V2 Rocket was developed here. The Birthplace of Space Exploration ? Or was it just thought of as a destructive weapon ?
This is the old main building, from the air it looked liked an ordinary building, nothing special was going on from the air, right ? But..... these buildings were actually bunkers, see the concrete behind the bricks? The scientists and the V2 program were protected from air raids.

This is the guy who actually made all this new thinking possible.

This is the old factory in Peenemünde,I learned it will be fixed up to be a tourist destination. Of course, Peenemünde already is, but all one can see now is a museum.

Boy do I remember this wall. When I was a youth I visited Berlin a few times when the wall was up. Now its a monument. A relic of a divided Germany.
The graffity was on the wall on the Western side from day one. It really is so difficult to understand that East Germany built this wall. And yet.....
I saw a wall in San Diego, CA seperating Mexico from the U.S.
A wall is a wall, right ? Of course I understand why the San Diego wall was built, but I have a thing against walls. A 'No-man' Zone seemed a better solution to me like between North and South Korea. I guess I hate wall !

Or is it now ? Israel just built a wall to seperate itself from Palestine. The Chinese had the Great Wall to keep the Manchu out. Nothing new with walls, I guess.

What house was that ? There were so many German families that had their coat of arms. With my name like Muellers ( German for Miller ) we do not have a coat of arms.
We were just ordinary. A picture from the past ? Today with email and hyperspeed a mailbox with flowers? Notice the window panes in the background? The glass is made to bubble out, you can look out of the room but you can not look in. No curtains needed.

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