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Sunday, December 17, 2006


Faces do tell a story, just look deep into their eyes.
Next Generation GS Rider. You can not imagine how proud the parents are when they have the chance to show off their offspring.

The future leaders of this country ? These young people will grow older and some of them will take the leaders role. Spend money on them to turn them into friendly human beings ?

He ran a nice small General Store in Turkey. I bought some cookies and tried to share them with the guys having tea but they just wanted to talk to me, not eat my cookies. I wish I could have spoken Turkish, I found the Turks very interesting.

Notice the hats, these are Chinese people. I know they look Turkish or something but these pictures were taken in China.

Just out of the Mosque on their way home. These folks are Uyghur people. Muslims in China.
There are weddings all over the world. I run into weddings wherever I go. Most brides are dressed in white nowadays. Must be Universal by now, brides are in white.

I am glad there are good workers like this one. He was working on a building site. A happy chap with a twinkle in his eye.

He will ride in years to come, look at him smile. His father would like to sit on the bike, too, but is too proud to ask.

he holds a little lamb on his lap to give it warmth. Imagine seeing sheppards when you ride along a road. This is so foreign to me, who normally rides around the New York City area.
A good shoemaker is always useful. They can fix a lot of your gear. I had belt loops put on my riding pants. He used a tie down strap to make loops. They figure something out, they make it work. I like shoemakers for that reason. They are very practical people.

He might succeed, he already wears the yellow success shirt. If you click on the picture it gets bigger. You can read the message on his shirt.

Toy sellers, lucky kid to have a mom with all the toys. I bet he is good in school, too.

Turkish Vegetable Seller. The veggies are fresh off the farm. A great way to shop for fresh produce and food on the road if you are hungry.
Selling seeds will not make you rich but it brings in some money. When you are down and out you try anything to make some money. I can not imagine making enough to live of selling a few bags of seeds a day.

Spices I have never seen before, all for sale here. I don't know their names. I tasted some of them but I don't know what they are. The colors are pretty.

Lots of sheepish faces.

He loves his dog. The dog loves him. A very simple life. I imagine that a lot of biblical guys were sheppards. They certainly seem to have a lot of time to think.

leaning on a cane after miles of walking. Every day, follow the animals. Walk, walk, walk. It must be very tough to be on the alert all the time.
Riverboat Captains watching out for low water. The Yangtze is still pretty wild and not so easy to travel on.
The water is very murky and stuff floats in the waters, too.

Not an easy life being a Russian woman. The guys drink a lot and then leave the women stranded. At a certain age, the bloom is off the flower. What to do ?

Honey selling road stand. It's like that all over Russia and the former Russian provinces. There are stands or people alongside the roads selling anything to make some money.

He sells mushroom on the side of the road to make a living. To be disabled is really tough. Wheel chairs do not help on roads here in Uzbekistan. To get around is difficult with feet. With only one foot ? Tough !

Smile you are on camera.
a phone call can make you smile.

Ugly mask. Scary looking thing to run into in the dark.

Silly hat, Hans. I believe it's a ladies hat, does not belong on a man's head.
yes, she is a princess. She seemed so happy and so free in spirit.
Good old buddies. These 2 Uyghers are in their 70's and still work everyday.

What can I say ? Too much hair ?

Sheppard on horseback. Take a few items off the man and the horse and you could look at a picture from a Millennium ago.
The Imam of the local Mosque. He spoke some English but not enough to talk to fluently. Of course, I did not speak Turkish, either. We had a good old time never the less.
Wise bird. Can anybody tell me what bird it is ? I just got a good picture, that is all.
Hard way to make a living. It was late at night already and those two guys walked the streets looking for anybody to give them some money for playing a song. Do they walk around all day, too ?

I would have never believed these red colors can turn very bright under fire. These are the colors before the tiles are burned. All the 'colors' look red to me. But after they tiles are fired the red turns into 'color'. The iron content, or other pigments in the dye make it possible.

He is waiting for a fish to bite. I can not fish, I do not have the patience to sit there and wait. I rather ride around.
like I said, there are weddings all over the world. Yes, the bide is in white again.

Chinese Group Picture. If you take a picture of all these people how many have their eyes closed in the final photo? How many photos do you have to take before all have open eyes ? How fast do you have to 'shoot'?

Old fashioned costume in China on the Most Western Part of the Great China Wall. I imagine those gals years ago really looked like that. Certainly they used feathers and beads as ornaments.

He is as American as apple pie. David looks Chinese but he can not pronounce ONE word of Chinese. His family came to America when the Union Pacific Rail Road was laid. He is all American. It was strange to see the Chinese wanting to talk to him but he could not understand or speak to them.
Nice little dolly. Those faces seem to be very popular in Asia. They like 'cute' little people in their advertisments.
Breads, breads, breads. Each person believes they have the best bread. Each one wants you to buy from THEM.

A happy bride with a big smile. Again, a white dress. Brides look great on their big day.
He leads camels for a living. Yes, he walks up and down sand dunes all day long. He must be in great shape because it's really hard to walk where camels have a hard time walking.

Don't play with those guys you will loose. They play so fast and so intense it almost looks like a job. Yet, they laugh, too and joke around a lot.
thick glasses, hard to get a true picture of the face. I liked the simple 'suit' this guy wears. He looked like and 'old timer' to me. He had a 'studious' face.

Azerie ? Turk ? Georgian ? I can not tell. I can not tell what tribe they are from.
But believe me, the people in the region know by just looking where he is from.

The good Sheppard. He just stood there on the side of the road, watching his sheep.
Very calm, very relaxed, very open. It rained and yet he was not worried. So different of a job than a Banker in NYC.
A Baker. Simple. Just a baker. Make it simple. When people as you:" what do you do?" you just say:" I am a baker " and everybody knows what you do. I love the simplicity of it.

good bread is being made here. Yes, another picture of a Baker. Simple..... Baker.......

What do you think? Are faces not the best indication of a foreign country ?

I always felt faces are the best stories about traveling.

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Banshee said...

Your pictures are wonderful and I am sure you have many good memories of your travels.