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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Rita, Shag's Sister

There is this woman called Rita
I never did yet meet her
But she works for Zippo

She is the sister of Shag
No, she is not a nag
But a nice lady I like to know

When we rode last year to rallies
She wanted to know the tallies
And the stories that went with the rides.

She gave us all a lighter
When I received it my face turned brighter
And I liked the design on it, too.

The Lighter is of a special kind
Created by Rita in the depth of her mind
She gave them away with love.

Friends that finished all 3 Rallies
Could get a Zippo she tells us
And I appreciated mine.

I do not smoke but I treasure
This token given with pleasure
That I will always keep.

It reminds me of Rita
And I intend to meet her
This Sister of Shag someday

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