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Friday, August 07, 2009

Arriving in Frankfurt

The flight in Toronto was delayed by 7 hours but we managed to notify our pick up party in Heidelberg on time. The pick up was confirmed. Yet... nobody was there to pick us up. After a phone call, just to make sure that the driver was not on the way we had to make arrangments for transfer to Heidelberg. Talking to people helps, we found a very easy way. Take the Lufthansa shuttle from Terminal 1 at Gate 5 to Heidleberg for 20 Euro per person. Then, once in Heidelberg take a taxi, which is right there, to Stefan's house for 12.50 Euro. Total about 55 and it runs daily.

We are packing and repacking right now to get all our stuff on the bikes. Having a new bike makes it hard, the system has to be changed. We are staying one extra day at Stefan's to sort all this stuff out.

Tommorrow we are off going North.

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