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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Viborg, Denmark

We left Germany for now after taking as many little roads as we could. I amazed myself that I could find roads that are hardly on the map. We found rural, local flavour all along the way. Yes, we had a typical German experience with food and music and beer, too. In Gemmuenden we ran into a Birthday party of "Caroline" which was celebrated with an 18 man orchestra playing German tunes full of Brass and Clarinets. We slept right above the music in a road Guesthaus with a breakfast the next day fit for a King.
On a more sober note, we stopped at Bergen-Belsen to pay our condolenses to the people that died there, and the miss treatment they received during Germany's dark hour.
A stop in Lueneburg, Hotel Bremen, showed us what present Germany is and what the history of the Hansa System accomplished. Even today the town lives of the riches then amassed. Poets praised the Lueneburger Heath and I sure liked it, too. We even picked Blueberries along the way, feeling the way Nature heals all given a little time. The area is wonderful.
On a Monday moring, dispite Rush Hour conditions around Hamburg we made it into Denmark without any problems. A very clean county, quiet and very organized. For the first time we used a Hostel. A comfortable and cheerful atmosphere, away from the main town gave us a quiet nights rest.
We are off to catch the ferry to Norway in Hirtshals.

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