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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bergen, Norway

We made it this far with a few issues on the way. After we arrived in Kristiansand, Norway I stopped to ask for direction to the Campground. While talking to the Customs guard another bike rear ended me on the side of my GS and it was not a mild hit. The rider fell and almost went into the harbour since it occured right at the edge of the pier. He was not hurt however and got up fast. My bike was hit so hard that it bent the sidestand substantially. The right side panier also is bent to such a degree that the lid does not close well. I did not fall but my bike took a good hit. I can not stand the bike on the side stand without using a support, like a rock or a 2x4. To make matters worse, while I was struggling to get my bike situated after the hit without using the sidestand, the rider who hit me got on his bike and took off. I got part of his licence plate but not exactly. It was a German plate with H GZ 92, or K GZ 92, it all happend too fast. Now I travel with a piece of 2x4 I found on the road to support the bike precariously, every time I stop.

Also, after we left Kristiansand and were in Flekkefjord, Carol realized that her pouch with her medical info was missing. We rode back to Kristiansand and we were lucky, the pouch fell off at the Campground and the proprietor had turned it into the police headquarters. Naturally, a lot of anxiety happened while we searched for the missing pouch. But, like it is said, all is well that ends well.

We are now in Bergen and had some really incredibale riding. Roads that warrant 1st gear and those curves that come at you without warning made us focus intensely. The drop offs to the side will not allow you to make mistakes. One slip and you are history.
We noticed some hesitation on the 650 of Carol's bike and after adjusting the chain at a bike shop we are told that we do need to get a new chain before we go to the Nordcapp. We found a new BMW dealership in Bergen but, it being Friday night, the best he could do was to get the chain and sprocket shipped to him and then install it on Tuesday. So we are stuck in Bergen until Tues at the best. We checked for Hostels and called both on the list but both are booked solid. Alan Jackson, an American County singer, is in town and obviously very popular, even the expensive hotels ( 400 US Dollars\Night ) are fully booked. What to do ?

Carol had the insight to bring the MOA Annonymous book with her and we found Hilde Stolz listed. Well, we are not only dry in the rain, (we hit rainy season - January to December we were told) and sleep like babes in Hilde and Sigi's house but are being fed like Kings. I can not tell you how thankful we are to have found them. They made our stay in Bergen a wonderful experience dispite the inconviniences so far experienced. We are all well, healthy and will continue our journey on Tues, after the new chain is installed.

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