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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Helsinki in Jail.

We bought the tickets for tomorrow’s ferry with the Viking Line. That leaves us stranded for the night in Helsinki. We checked hotel rooms near the Viking Line and the rate is 132 Euros per night. We found a Youth Hostel for 60 Euros with a bathroom down the hall to be used by all. And then we found… a converted jail. Yes, we are sleeping in jail tonight. It was built in 1937 and closed as a jail in 2002. Best Western bought the property and converted it into a 4 Star Hotel while keeping much of the original architecture, the original red brick façade and enclosing wall. Two to three cells were used to make one guest room and the door to each room is the original size – SMALL. Yes, I know it is not cheap but when will we ever sleep in jail? The price is a staggering 121 Euros, which included breakfast, internet and secure parking for our bikes. After all of this I land us in jail. It is elegant, too. Tomorrow we are off to Tallinn, Estonia.

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