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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Western Finland.

We wanted to find Amber on the Baltic Sea. Mistakenly, we thought the beaches are like most beaches we know with sandy patches and a walk along the beach would yield some amber. I know that amber can be found lying about. I heard the stories over and over that people really found amber on the 3 Baltic Beaches. As we learned, we have to go to the Baltic States in order to do that. Finland is not the place, but we tried. We took a hytte on the beach one night for 40 Euro and ate some smoked fish we bought at the store. Yesterday, we bought some pork chops and again found a hytte with a stove. This time the cost was only 30 Euros because it was off the beaten track. It was the last weekend in August and it is tradition to celebrate the Saturday with fireworks. So all along the shoreline fire crackers went off and the night sky sparkled with colors. Life is good.

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